MR. Any (CAD)

Virgin Islands, U.S.
Hello Everybody, How are you doing?
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Alejandra Cervantes Tetrika México

México CDMX, Mexico
I am a INDUSTRIAL DESIGN student who wants to make your life easier!
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max morozov

engineer, reverse-engineer, designer, 3D-artist
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T.Rex Arms

Centerville, United States
A design and manufacturing company equipping serious citizens.
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Istanbul, Turkey
Learn is bliss 😊
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Victor Chege

Nairobi, Kenya
Welcome to my Passion
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3D Comparison

Industrial Design Engineer
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Aditya Kumar

I am a seasoned design engineer with a passion for transforming ideas into practical solutions. Proficient in CAD and experienced in cross-functional collaboration, I bring innovation and precision to every project.
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Zac Vaughn

Denpasar, Indonesia
FPV Drone Pilot and Frame Designer
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prince gildas (so_I_learn_3D)

current working on ( programing IA -Full stack dev junior) and Make my concept car
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Vincent Soubbotin

Boston, United States
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Product Designer
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