BS Horb

Horb a.N., Germany
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Detlef Schmidt

Berlin, Germany
every real problem is a new learning task: you can always win
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Alexander Kilian

Stuttgart, Germany
"Give me a place to stand, and with a ratio I shall stop the earth."
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chris teddy manka

NRW, Germany
Just a Hobby to Visualize my Dreams
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Stephan H. Tobias (BuseHase)

near Dresden, Germany
Quality is more important than quantity.
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Christoph Hahmann

Remscheid, Germany
I just do it for fun.
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Christian Wilms

First of all, I am a mechanical engineer, then a human being.
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Pietro 46

Konstruktion & Designer
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Matej Gusak

Hameln, Germany
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Karl Rabe

Reußenköge, Germany
Open Innovation for net-zero Data Center & Industry solutions
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