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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

What you see is what you get... actually I am not sure you get it right...

This monstrousity I am busy creating in the past 10 years and still in my computer is a gantry 3D printer that can print 3 meter wide, 4 meter tall and as long as the tracks you lay down, in my design 8 meters long, using 100 concomitent heads to speed up printing of large objects, such as an entire LSA airplane, a whole car, or why not, your brand new cigarette speed boat.

Not everything can be printed, is true, you still need to buy tires, valves, electric and electronic circuits, motors, fabric, glass, well... maybe glass can be printed soon, who can tell, but for now we need to be happy with wood, plastic, ABS, PVA, and MIM derivatives (in powder or filament) that require post printing treatment to become the real deal.

Anybody want to help? I am open to suggestions, discussions, etc.