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Created by Abe Gladstone on 15 February, 2018

Full-color+Transparent 3D Printing: PolyJet printed gaming prop BBpod in 'DeathStranding'

Fanmade Game prop for #deathstranding: The #3Dprinted fullcolor BB pod is polished and the transparency looks good. See video.

The BBpod is directly 3D printed with all the full-color and transparent parts all at once, no painting or manual process required other than polishing the surface of the clear area.

The biggest issue is the BB inside turned out to be 'inflated', possibly due to wrong printing setting or machine failure, once the issue is fixed, BB will come out perfectly, we wrote to stratasys about the issue, no reply yet.

Is there anyone who has similar issue while printing the clear+fullcolor combination using PolyJet? Please help me if possible ;)