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Created by Abe Gladstone on 15 February, 2018

Connecting 3d Printer Power Supply(PSU) with a two pong Power Cable.

Situation: I have got a standard 12V 15A power supply for my diy 3d printer, which I want to connect to a two point pin socket by using a two pong computer power cable/chord. Now my understanding is that these power supplies have an option to connect a ground wire to them, my power cable/chord only has the live & neutral wire but no ground. The socket is also only a two pin connection.

My questions are;
1. Is it possible to use the power supply with only the neutral and live connected? Is the ground wire really necessary?
2. In case I want to ground the power supply, how do I do so, given the circumstances? Please note I do not have any three point socket available.

1 Answer

You should consult the manufacturer of the power supply and their specifications and recommendations.

However, since the power supply has a dedicated ground connection on the terminal strip it would be a very good idea to connect it to ground. Short circuits in the power supply could cause the power supply case to be connected to the hot wire ( what you are calling “live”). With the ground connected this would likely trip the breaker like it should. Without the ground connected it could present a lethal situation for the operator or present a fire hazard.