Created by Simourv on 9 March, 2018

3D-animation, taking a too long rendering time and showing a too big file size of the GIF-Animation.

An animation - about two axis - of my model "Wine Bottle Stopper", created in »KeyShot 4.64«

The rendering time for 250 photorealistic frames (25 frames per second "times" 10 seconds) has been taken round about 10 hours.

I know, it is too much for getting this result. Also the file size (31.926 MB) for the (.gif) is too big. Why has the MP4-Video a file size of 5.355 MB only?

The dimensions of the (.jpg)-images are 1920 x 1080 Pixel.

The resolution is 96 dpi (horizontal and vertical).

The image dimensions of the GIF-Animation is 800 x 450 Pixel.

If anyone can do this animation in equal or better quality, with a reduced file size of the GIF-Animation, it should be tried out.

Comments and/or hints on how to improve are very much appreciated.

Thanks for your Attention!