Artificial Intelligence

Created by Emma Kaloupek on 6 June, 2018

Artificial Intelligence versus Advanced Ai.  Here are my thoughts on both.

AI by itself is a threat to humanity as it has replaced us in many places. Robots in the work place have been replacing humans in the workforce for years now and, in my opinion, has be more damaging than not. For every robot put in the workplace we lose on average 3 to 10 humans.  I have seen many good people replaced by these things and it makes me sad. Sure, things will get done faster, and in some cases better, but the overall impact on our Human existence is not good. 

Think about it. If machines replace every Human in the workforce, what will be left for us to do? Do you think that life will get easy? NO. How would the Humans make money to buy the things we want? How would we pay the utility bills and possible medical bills? (Hint: It will not be a machine).  

Sure, some of us will end up in the industry that creates these machines, but that too will one day be replaced by A Machine! This leads to the next revolution of AI: Advanced AI: AI that is given the ability to “learn” on its own. Why would we even allow that?  Moreover, we are already doing this in some laboratories around the world. How stupid of us is this? Give a robot the ability to “learn” from its mistakes or from other sources is about as bright as putting out a file with gasoline while standing in the middle of the flames! 

YES! I am talking “Exterminator” theory here. Give the machine the ability to “learn” and it will eventually become “self-aware”. DO NOT confuse “self-aware” with “alive”, as many people do. Self-aware simply means becoming aware that you exist. A machine that becomes “Self-ware” will have no emotion. It has no soul. It will only know that it does exist.

Does this spell the doom of humankind? Not necessarily. These advanced AI robots may take pity on us poor inefficient lifeforms and help us. On the other hand, as in most films and books, see us a disease and exterminate us.

This is just some thoughts from a 74-year-old man who has seen this world change so much in so little time (50 years or so.). Technology has progressed so fast, yet our understanding of that technology has move at a snail’s pace. I am talking about the average human, not the super-nerds of our time!

So you will understand my thinking a little bit:

              Simple AI – Computers and robotics that has to be programed by a human at all levels.

                      Advanced AI – robotics, mostly, that can “learn” and program (or re-program) itself without   the aid of the human interface.