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Created by ea3fe10b on 21 October, 2019

Chamfer for bottom of part

I'm attempting to chamfer the top and bottom of the part. I've successfully contoured the part utilizing tabs do it doesn't break away, chamfered the top edge and removed the part.

My question is this, when creating the chamfer for the bottom do I need to create a new setup and tool path, or is there a way to do this in Fusion360 that's less manual?

As a reference I've attached a part that requires a chamfer on the bottom after the part has been milled.
Thanks in advance for the help, it's much appreciated.


1 Answer

Hi Robert!
The answer to your question is you can do it by two methods.

Method 1-
When you are selecting any edge for performing the chamfer operation in the same dialog box you can find a plus (+) button from there you can add one more edge if there is any variation in the angles. If both the angles are the same then you can go in a single go. Just select both edges and provide the required dimensions to them.

you can do it by using the mirror command. Take a center plan which bisects your model in two equal halds. use mirror command and mirror this chamfer to other side. While using mirror command you can select feature as well as faces based on your model.

Besr regards