Bengaluru Urban Solidworks User Group

Created by Prasad Adiga on 13 July, 2021

Our sixth Virtual SWUGBU Meeting will feature Yahya T Khedr, a Solidworks champion and holds CSWE in Mechanical design will be presenting on “Solidworks Certifications 101”

About the presenter: Yahya is an Egyptian electronic engineering student, but also a 3D Designer & Animator. He started using SolidWorks back in 2016, but in early 2021 and after he passed the CSWE-MD exam, he started sharing his Journey to the Certs to guide other SW users and help those who are qualified get certified.

About the presentation: Over 2 decades ago, SolidWorks launched the CSWP exam to verify the skills of its users & the quality of their training. 23 years later, here we are with the SolidWorks Certification Program after it evolved to include ~20 exams, each specializing in a certain topic and to a certain level. In this session, we'll get to know what the hype is all about! We'll discuss the exams and their topics, as well as the prereqs of some of them. We'll also talk about getting them for free! Finally, we'll get to know how to verify and validate our certifications before adding them to our online portfolios.

NOTE: There will be a vouchers giveaway at the end of the session. Make sure to fill the form which will be provided at the end of the session to get a Solidworks examination voucher for CSWA/CSWP.