Created by Kesa on 12 September, 2018

How do I configure NVIDIA GPU for Cycles?

Hello everyone,

I first posted my question in the general channel ( but I might have better luck here.

Here is my problem : I want to configure my GPU for Cycles (a NVIDIA Quadro P400) by going to Edit -> Preferences -> System. This is an operation that worked very well with same machine but under Windows 10. Now that I have switched to a Linux OS (Lubuntu 20.04), Blender (v2.92) does not recognize any GPU has you can see on attached file.

However, NVIDIA seems to be supported by the latest version of Blender as indicated here : ; at section "CUDA-Enabled NVIDIA Quadro and NVIDIA RTX"

This leads me to some questions:
- Are any of you using an NVIDIA graphics card with Blender 2.92 and on a Linux OS?
- Has anyone ever encountered a similar problem?
- Where can I find additional help? For example on a forum dedicated to Blender? I'm new to this software, I don't know much about the community

Thanks in advance for your answers,

1 Answer

Oui, Je connais ce problème apparemment il ya des réglages spécifique pour ces cartes graphique (RTX) à faire en amont, passé par les préférences utilisateur du logiciel ne suffit pas et en plus si tu es sous Linux le problème est encore plus compliqué. Tu peux aller voir Mykol sur Youtube, il y a aussi un lien pour sa chaine Discord, si tu t'inscrit tu pourras y poser ta question. 😉👍