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Created by Niketh Shetty on 22 January, 2021

How to save or export every sheet of creo drawing?

I have worked on multiple sheets on single drw file with creo. I need to save each and every sheet in separate file. Please help me out how to do that.

Thanks in advance..

1 Answer

I have this problem multiple times there is no solution exist. You can save Creo drawing as DWG, DXF or PDF by Clicking "Save As" or "export" option on file menu. while exporting to any other format it will export either current sheet or all sheets or range of sheet that you have to select but it wont be feasible to export every sheet as an individual file. For example you created 10 sheet of drawing which you want as 10 different PDF.......that will not be possible in single click you have to export every sheet separately.