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Created by Ion Gurguta on 12 April, 2018

Is reduction gearbox and multiplying gearbox the same? More in content

I am building a centrifugal compressor for car. Almost like a turbo, but gear driven instead of exhaust driven.

I am using the compressor parts from a big turbo. 1000 ish HP and this ned to be spinned up to 70-100k rpm at max revs on engine. So a gearbox with 1:12 ratio or simmiler is needed

I got my hand on a little reduction gerbox 1:11 But its very heavy twisting the output axle, to make the input axle spin 11 times faster.

This box has 6 sprockets , maybe one large and one small would have less drag ?

This has already been done, by procharger. but i cant drop 6-8000 dollars on this, i vant to try make something myself!Bc!~~/s-l500.jpg

anyone has thoughts?