Free CAD/CAM Software Options

Created by Sar Dar on 26 June, 2018

LibreCAD - 2D Drafting

File Support:

  • Save/Open: DXF, CXF, LFF
  • Import: DWG, JWW, SHP, PIC
  • Export: SVG, PDF, ICO, JPG, PNG, DDS, TIF, BMP, Others…


  • Optional command line rapid geometry input
  • built in calculator accessible by command line
  • CAM plugin available -
  • Available in 30 different languages


  • Beginners might find it a little difficult to learn (there's controversial opinions about ease of use)
  • no support for 3D model creation
  • Some versions can be unstable or laggy

'Runs on:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

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