Free CAD/CAM Software Options

Created by Sar Dar on 26 June, 2018

Simple G-code Generators - CAM

File support:

  • No import
  • Export g-code as text from clipboard


  • Very light, easy interface, ideal for rapid G-code creation
  • Drilling IPM / RPM calculator
  • Arc creator for mill and lathe
  • English and Metric


  • Best be comfortable manually editing G-code
  • No lead in / Lead out options
  • No helical boring or ramping ops
  • Only arc format supported is I J. No R, or XY only arcs
  • Bug in Settings set to Rect, Spiral creates first depth cut off-centered from rest

Runs on:

  • Windows

If you did a LinuxCNC install, or have Mac OS X, you already have all you need.

Make sure to have Python installed setup console