Furniture designers

Created by Andrés Leonarduzzi on 11 April, 2018

I've created the following design assignment for my students. What do you think? What should I improve?

Furniture design assignment

The students are required to design a chair with the given set of design constraints.

For Example:

  • Parts provided can't be modified.
  • Only parts provided can be used.
  • Common house hold tools can be used to assemble furniture.

Takeaways examples:

  • Understanding ergonomics, form, function and design.
  • Work given a set of constraints (parts, design, budget).

Once a student has completed a design, they are then tasked in explaining visually how to assembly their furniture.

Students will be reviewed based on the following:

  • Peer evaluation -example: is it easy to assemble?
  • Complexity -example: are the instructions legible?

Takeaway examples:

  • Relationships of sub assemblies and the main assembly.
  • Conveying assembly and sub assemblies on paper.

Handouts examples: