Keyshot Users

Created by FredSWUG on 6 June, 2018

Ready to show off your Keyshot rendering skills? Let's have a contest of rendering the same model and see what everyone comes up with.

Download the model here in Step format

What's a contest without rules?

  • Rendering must be done with Keyshot
  • Photo editing of the render is allowed
  • CAD data may be modified, but must remain recognizable
  • Entries may be static images, or animated scenes
  • Be willing to share your techniques/files with other entrants after the contest ends
  • Upload as many submissions as you like to this discussion
  • Submitted images should be 1600 x 1200 for uniformity
  • Deadline for entries is April 30th, 2020, midnight

Do we need a prize? Let me know; maybe we'll get a gift card. Prizes will need judges to decide the winner.

Any questions? Post them here and I'll update this post if I've forgotten anything critical.

I have some Keyshot tutorials to get you started: