Keyshot Users

Created by FredSWUG on 6 June, 2018

Creating a good looking rendering sometimes takes more work than simply pressing the Render button.

Do you have some favorite programs you use while rendering? Post them below, and give a reason why they are helpful.

  • Keyshot - This being the Keyshot Group, I figured I'd mention this fine program first. Keyshot is the first rendering program I've used that generally seems to "make sense". I struggled for years with the rendering options inside of SOLIDWORKS, but never thought the results were very good. I've seen people do great things with those tools, but I never managed to figure them out.

  • Photoshop - This is pretty much the standard for editing pixels. I find the interface rather frustrating, but the number of online tutorials still makes this the best editing tool for me.

  • PhotoFiltre 7 - A rather basic photo editor when compared to Photoshop, but it is so easy, and fast to use. Unless I have a need for Photoshop's capabilities, PhotoFiltre 7 is my editor of choice.

  • Vector Magic - This is the best raster to vector conversion program I've used. For Keyshot specific applications, It has been really useful in converting images I find online into a much cleaner, sharp edged image. One example is creating decals/labels for a rendering.

  • PhotoScape - I had been using Photoshop to export animated GIF images for some of my GrabCAD models, but found they never looked right in the smaller Library previews. They were always jumpy, or streaked with black. I now use PhotoScape to generate the GIFs, and have not had any trouble at all.

  • Alien Skin Exposure - It is easy to go too far with all of the options in this program, but a little sharpening here, some focal length there, maybe some tone correction, and a little dust/dirt before applying a frame... This program can help your image look even better.