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Created by FredSWUG on 6 June, 2018

render model with 25,000 components

At the moment I finished a design that is conformed by more than 25,000 crystals, so it is not feasible to only render the external, because with any amount of crystals that it removes it loses the shape of the sculpture, how can I do it? How can keyshot support so many components ?, any suggestions ?.As a comment, this model will carry more parts such as ceiling mounting and suspension cables and general lighting, which will increase the number of components.

1 Answer

I don't know if there is a limit to the size or number of files that Keyshot will open. If you have a great computer, give it a try.

An alternative might be to make a material that looks like what you are after. Keyshot 8 has options to embed "glitter" and "bubbles" inside of a part. Maybe it will be easier to simulate the appearance of this model by creating it with a "bubble" material instead of adding in 25,000 parts?
Maybe the 25,000 parts can be merged into a single part?

The rendering is going to likely take forever with so many parts because the number of calculated reflections will need to be very high. Otherwise there may be no sense in having the interior of the volume also filled with these crystals. Is it possible to remove all the "interior" crystals and just leave an outer skin that might be 2-3 crystals thick? That would greatly reduce the number of parts, and still provide the desired appearance.