Mechanical Engineering

Created by tomas omalley on 14 June, 2018

First of, I promise this isn't spam or a sponsored post, just something I'm working through and found to be more helpful then expected:

Multiple times in the past I've sent parts out to get quotes on 3D Printing/Injection molding to see if the projects would pencil out. Most of the time I just get a price, decide no, and move on. Recently I sent one out to ProtoLabs and was pleasantly surprised with the "Manufacturing Analysis Report" it produces. It checks and gives feed back on Draft angles, filling, areas that will be distorted etc. It was a longer process then ones I've used in the past (it took a day or so), but I think it was really useful. I did need to make an account, and I feel bad that an engineer has reached out three times now to set up a meeting for a part that I probably will not make, but I liked the insight since it's not a discipline I generally design in.

Again, not a sponsored post, just something I thought was useful and wanted to pass along. Also, other sites might give similar reports, this is just the first one I came along:

Here are some photos on the interface: