Mechanical Engineering

Created by tomas omalley on 14 June, 2018

Let me show you the basic structure of the company workflow and how a Mechanical Industry works. The process I am going to tell you is in general process, many sub-departments are involved with these main departments. So this is an in-general process of any company's workflow.

  1. First, a product is chosen for the customer (here customer may refer to end user of the product, it may be any person or company using the product)
  2. A concept is developed to present your product to the investors, as no one will fund you unless you have a very foolproof concept.
  3. Then, a market survey is done on how likely the product will sustain in the market. To say it another way, the products market reach is calculated. Marketers use different methods to find this information, like from person to person, forums, social media, communities, etc.
  4. Once the market study is done, the product design and development works hard to execute the product.
  5. In this stage, all the departments are engaged with one another to execute the product. Right from the designers to manufacturers, purchase, sales and quality, everyone strives hard to understand each other, their requirements.
  6. Finally, a product is executed. This entire process may take few months to few years depending on project and its work.

You will understand the responsibilities of each and every department in my complete article