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Created by tomas omalley on 14 June, 2018

How can we Design a Water Wheel Powered Amusement Ride Toy?

1. To model an amusement ride toy (swing ride, pendulum boat, ferris wheel, carousel, flying scooter,
etc.) working on any mechanical (gears, cogs, cogwheel, shafts, belt/rope and pulley, chain and
sprocket, spring, etc.) principle.
2. To model a water wheel to power and operate the amusement ride.
3. Design the amusement ride powered by renewable energy source (water wheel) according to your
own specifications having at least five different parts.
4. The amusement ride is to be designed taking into consideration the following constraints.
a. Economic: Material, availability, size, etc.,
b. Health and safety: Ease of use, safety of the person operating it, robust design, etc.
c. Design Constraint: The amusement ride should consist of at least two separate seating
5. Make an assembly with appropriate mating relations and fits to describe the working mechanism of
the amusement ride

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