Mechanical Engineering

Created by tomas omalley on 14 June, 2018

want to learn a design softwares

hello sir, i m student of mechanical eng. i started 3D design software learning so how i get 2D model for practice??

1 Answer

Well I started on the board. So everything was 2D. Then learned AutoCAD, still 2D, then moved to modeling, finally 3D. (this was in 2006) If you're just looking for practice materials to hone you're modeling skills, I would look into How to Draft/ Technical Drafting Manuals. They generally have pages of practice problems. Also they haven't changed in years. They generally cost a ton, but and old version is just as good as a new one. Go to a used book store. My favorite book on my shelf is by Thomas E French, Published in 1908. It's a great reference and can be found for 5 bucks. The detail on how to draw gear teeth by hand is amazing and will give you insight.