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Created by Abe Gladstone on 5 April, 2018


  I am Dalibor and I am writing to you about the problem that came up on 28.05.2016. years. It is my brother who had an accident 28.05.2016. And hurt the neck portion of the spine on that occasion. The operation was in Belgrade on May 29, Since then, there is a small movement in the right hand, but everything is very weak.

Is there a possibility of an operation, in order to obtain a movement?

Can you help to get back at least 10% movement in brother's hands, we do not expect too much??

If you can not help, who can I contact?

Attached please find a diagnosis before and after surgery. If you need CT scan and MRI I will gladly send you.

Excuse me if you do not understand well, because I'm using a google translator

With respect, great greetings

Advance grateful for your response

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina