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Created by Hüseyin DEMİRTAŞ on 9 July, 2018

Are inches still the most common, or are we slowly and quietly adopting metric units?

CAD design is all about dimensions. What units are my fellow Americans using these days?

All of the models I design at work, and their drawings are in decimal inches.

I love measuring in millimeters. Personally, I find reading a tape measure marked in 32nds, or even 16ths to be a bit confusing. I use a dual scale, or full metric tape whenever possible. It is so much easier to simply add several values together: 128mm +55mm + 545mm versus fractions:1/8" + 3/32" + 5/16"

Of course a tape measure is just for some larger items. Thousandths of an inch are my favorite unit to work with.

My biggest limitation is having no sense of scale when someone tells me a metric measurement. 800mm? Sure, I can get a rough idea if I think about it for a few moments, but if someone told me something is 19", I have an immediate sense of scale.