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Created by Hüseyin DEMİRTAŞ on 18 July, 2018

Dear all

I have designed my model of a rowing motion of robotic fish fin.. I need help to confirm my calculation

please be patient to understand my model so you can help me.

I have a plate with two surface areas A and B

the surface area of side A is 0.09 m^2

the surface area of side B is 0.08 m^2

The flow speed subjected to surface A is 0.02 m/s

The flow speed subjected to surface B is 0.007 m/s

where roh in drag force equation is equal to 1000.

Now if I wanna calculate the total drag force generated by the movement of the fin forth and back (i.e Rowing motion) then I have to calculate the drag force on each side of the fin and then subtract these two forces to get the total drag force ..

The results shows very low drag force and drag coefficient ( F= 0.0007 N and Cd = 0.001 ).. which is conflicting me.

Please I will be so happy if someone could help me with my issue