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Created by Angel Ramirez on 9 March, 2018

pre-highlight of modeled threads slowing me down

I am printing some threads, so they are modeled. whenever my mouse touches the threads in the design tree, the threads do this whole orange edge-highlight routine. it is seriously slowing me down.

under options > display, I have turned *off*: (still orange highlight is happening)
-use shaded face highlight
-highlight all edges of features selected in graphics view
-dynamic highlight from graphics view
show open edges of surfaces in different color
display shaded spalnes

also, in Performance, "use software OpenGL" is checked, and grayed out (I can't uncheck)

what woudl you check next?



1 Answer

I would change the video card right away. Nvidia always framework with Sw. Better and much better with the RTX4000 that I am testing and I assure you that I do not see anything strange.