A custom computer program that works with "SolidWorks" or "Inventor" (eventually Fusion 360)

I have worked on a computer program that works with "SolidWorks" or "Inventor" that I would like feedback on (good or bad)

Can you please comment on the contents of the attached PDF file and give me feedback????

Many thanks in advance!!!!


3 Answers

very nice and good job

if you can make a new command in solidworks-solids- features that can distribute a feature on a face of a solid part it will be really great.
for more details i attached a solidworks part i want to distribute the cut revolve
on the complete face of the sphere, say 10 or 40 instances, (depend on the design)
this is one of the difficulties that I face when design free surface or solid parts.

Look good and a wonderful addition to Solidworks. I would love to see it in action.