Any idea of this part mold design for plastic injection molding.

I been having trouble to understand that what mold design will be suitable for this product.

3 Answers

It looks like injection molding should work. It would be easier to determine if a 3D model were uploaded. Photos are not the easiest to inspect.

The hole in the side obviously complicates the tooling. Instead of a simple A side, B side tool, it will need to have a slide, cam, or side action.
It really comes down to the quantity needed, and the function of the part, but an analysis could be done to compare production of the part as is, versus a version of the part which is sliced in half (to simplify tooling), but requires a secondary step step like solvent welding, ultrasonic welding, or some type of fastener system to reassemble.

it is probably for injection molding, metal or plastic, as well as casting.depends on the material you choose.
However, the radius between the bowl and handle won't come out like in the design.
If by plastic injection molding, there will be a visible parting line in the concentric plane. Parts like this, 3 sliders are neccessary with current status of design.. one for the hollowed handle, 2 for the avoid the undercut at the joint the bowl and handle,which should be missed.

If by metal, i guess you always polish the whole surface.

2 sliders to avoid the undercut at the joint the bowl and handle,which should NOT be missed.
correct my answer above.sorry