Anybody know about international standards for modelling procedures in cad? asme ? iso ?

asme? ,iso ?

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That's a cute answer CMALCO. Would you like to share the standard with everyone, or is it a secret?

Yes, 15057 was withdrawn, though there are still companies using it internally or some variation thereof. Just as ASME Y14.41 (model based definition) is used by some but not by all and often in some internal variation. Such is the world of 'standards' in companies that aren't being held to them by their customer base.

Not that there haven't been efforts to create one standard but with more failings than successes... for obvious reasons.

That aside, modelling standards are typically internalized and disseminated in a very formal manner. Other times via tribal knowledge, with the red ink and turn-back till it sinks in approach. I've worked in both and prefer the former.

Are you more interested in adopting a standard or implementing one?