Can any one tell me what is this device used in video for reverse engineering?

I want to know what is this device and where can i get it and aproximate price ( US preffered)

what is the best accurate type of it

2 Answers

This is a CMM, very different from a laser. It uses physical touch to determine an objects position. More accurate than a laser, but it takes much longer to reverse engineer with something like this.

Be carefully when you try to make derived part from help of this machine.
For avio, car, packaing industry that kind of reverse engineering is usually forbidden beacuse manufacturers protect himself with patent rights on that parts. Next problem is to determine a right material for scanned part and a biggest unknown is a heat treatment of that part. This make a difference from original part and derived part which is maked after scanning original.

Good luck in reverse engineering, It's not only CAD/CAM/CAE, some stuffs is in know how!