Can someone help me make a model of the head and fork for this on ptc creo parametrics?

I need this soon

2 Answers

This has been asked for before (probably school work) try doing a search !

Fancy, this is an expanded picture that shows more of the models. I only had a small piece to work from before.

Assuming you are in school for this, what is the point of having someone else make it? You are paying money to learn these skills.

Also, are there not other students in the class to work with? I'd assume it would be easier to deal with local people.

In my Drafting class we formed a small group to team up on assignments. Each member played a role. I was good at lettering, another student was good at drawing, another was good at placing the dimensions and annotations. We all worked together and we all learned, and passed the course.

I guess I should be happy that students today can't or won't learn 3D CAD. It just makes me more valuable ;)