Could someone help me in this piece (elbow pump)? inventor

I am not having to put the restrictions to give movement in the cylinders doing the part to turn. thank you. I'm new to this tool.

2 Answers

I can't guarantee that someone will reply with an answer, but to improve the chances, you might:
1. Include an image of the part(s) involved.
2. Include a clear description (perhaps with annotations in the image) to accurately describe what you'd like to achieve.

I don't have Inventor, but I'll assume you just need to add a few mates (or whatever Inventor calls them). Mates will relates parts in an assembly together so they move correctly. Think of mates as a restriction on the degrees of freedom.

If the front door of your house were floating in outer space it would have six degrees of freedom. That would be bad. So, you apply some mates (concentric, parallel, coincident, distance), and suddenly the door works like a door because it can only rotate about the Z axis. You've mated it to the hinges, and the door frame.

I wanted to help you but I have Inventor2016, so if you save your files into another extensions, IGS for example in order to be opened by my software