FEA in SolidWorks Simulation

Is It Possible to use 2D and 3D elements in SolidWorks Simulation to carryout FEA? Also How can I use it, if it is possible?

5 Answers

If I am right you can only use 3D elements since it is 3D softwear.
You model a 3D part and then you submit it to all kind of conditions that you wanna test. Better explanations you can find in the tutorials in the SW softwear and going trough help.

Well, if you have doubts you can always simulate 3D model it is more accurate and interesting. Hope you'll find the best solution.

Thankyou Branko Stokuca, for your valuable comment. i knew there is no 2D element study in solidworks but wanted to confirm if, I m correct, All I can find is 2D simplification in SW simulation, but not sure about its accuracy.

Thanks to all of you for your kind response. Actually, I was given an project which stated that i need to do FEA using 2D n 3D ''elements'' which made me confuse. But got corrected when came to know 2D simplification is what I need to carry out 2D analysis, whereas 3D analysis is more straight forward.

You can run a mixed mesh using a 3D and a 2D shell element in Solidworks Simulation. Right click any body in the parts folder of you study and you will see that you can define shells by selecting faces.