Hey guys, I am planing to buy a mobile workstation like MSI WS60 for CAD work. But then i saw alenware new products and they are quite powerful. And I am getting what's the difference between them. Can you please explain a bit to me? :)

Workstaion vs gaming laptop.

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Hi Shaurav,

There is no real true difference between a CAD station computer and a "top of the line" gaming computer. Both types usually include the same hardware because both games and CAD software require the same levels of performance to run at a good performance rate. If the they have the same types of hardware, you should be ok with going with whichever is the cheaper option. I did look up your laptop you noted and that is definitely a good choice. I think you can find a gaming laptop with the same specs though for cheaper. If the hard drive is smaller, I wouldn't let that be of too much concern. 2 TB portable hard drives now go for just 60$ which could make up for what lack of memory there is on whatever you decide.