HI, Im new, please how do I import downloaded models from GrabCAD to Rhino, I dont understand these file formats./

Thank You

3 Answers

Are you downloading file formats other than Rhino?

Open Rhino and go to File - Import. At the bottom of the window that pops up there will be a drop-down menu for selecting the file type to import - everything listed there can be imported into Rhino. Choose the file type you're trying to open, or just choose the "all formats" option.
If you just try to go File - Open with files that aren't rhino format, it will not work.

You can do that:
- Save the file in Rhino as object data
- Upload this OBJ file to Fusion 360
- Render that in Fusion 360 and look at the not really impressive results
After import to F360 you have more than 800 mesh objects. You can convert one after the other to F360 Sculpt bodies, that can be saved as STEP and imported after that to Inventor.