How can i get badges, if i have 700 score and 100 download is it problem with my account plz. ans.

Is any solution from my account.

3 Answers

Dear Mr. Hari,

They are a bit behind on handing out badges. If you contact them, they are very kind and helpful and will gladly help you resolve your issue (I had a similar problem). Email them.

Hey Vaghela,

Thanks for asking! I'm with GrabCAD's Community Support team, and I wanted to make sure that you heard from us on this. FredSWUG was correct - all of our badge's requirements are listed here ( What we are not as clear about is how these badges are awarded. Some are automatic, once you have achieved a certain specific goal. Others are awarded manually by us.

Which badge in particular are you asking about?

Badges are listed here:

I don't see a badge for a 700 score, or for 100 downloads.

Which badge in particular did you desire?