How can i get free books(pdf) tutorial that will help me understand auto engine structure


4 Answers

Start modeling from the assembly of crank, piston and cylinder head and then make your way to other parts. This will require deep knowledge of engine structure before starting modeling one.

1. Totally dismantle a car engine (preferably one belonging to someone-else).
2. Carefully measure each part.
3. Work out what sketches and features to use to create models of each part.
4. Produce the models of the parts (making the additional measurements that you forgot to make earlier).
5. Produce an assembly of the parts selecting appropriate mates.
6. Change the parts here and there to make them fit together properly.
7. Re-assemble the engine and give it back to it's owner.
8. Deny all knowledge of it and claim you didn't touch it when it doesn't work anymore.

Very carefully

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