How do I convert .STEP files into .obj or .stl files?

I want to be able to convert the .STEP filed I download off GrabCad into a more usable file format for my projects, like .obj or .stl.

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I had the same problem some of you guys are having I hade no solid works so I couldn't convert STL to sold works or vice versa
Saved me a lot of time to I just paid this guy on fiverr to do it for me Check out the link below
I really hope I helped some of you guys

On OS-X at least, read STEP/STP in to the free (open source) CAD Assistant ( and use the floppy disk icon on left to save as ply (w/ colors) or obj (w/ mtl). Also check out the cool "Clipping plane" feature (bottom icon on left).

If you want to colorize first, use FreeCAD and, save as STEP w/ color and follow instructions above.

All free & open source.

how we convert STL format Into STEP format

FreeCAD should do the job.
Or you could look in to freelancer professionals many on this forum.
There are also some solutions with instant conversion, but that should do an easy conversion and you should be able to do it using free tools.
In case you want to check, here are some website you can check:

You can also ping me, I can try to help or give some directions.
Good luck!

You can do that by SolidWorks. It makes me happy to help you. You can send me the STEP file to take a look.

Thank you for posting this wonderful tool, I needed a STEP file converted to OBJ.