how do i simulate this simple mechanism

i have made simple point curve joint
files are added
when i apply roll curve joint, the mechanism can be simulated
but when i apply slide curve joint it does not
why is it so

6 Answers

When you apply roll curve joint, you are eliminating the rotation freedom of "Part2". Because it is rolling with touch condition. DOF = 0

But in slide curve joint, there is no description for the rotational movement restriction. So you see DOF = 1. So you can not simulate.

In mechanism simulation, you have to eliminate all movement after commands selected. There is 6 freedom of movement of a rigid body in three-dimensional space. These are translation in three perpendicular axes and orientation through rotation about three perpendicular axes.

If you want to simulate with slide curve joint, just add one more point curve joint. Than DOF will be zero.

And in this situation where can i add the other point curve joint
Could you please attatch a photo of that.

Should i place a point where i inserted slide curve joint

Create new point into circle. and create other point curve joint with this point and line.

Got it