how do you make an exploded view in autocad inventor

drew a bearing house and want to do exploded view, but cant seem to find a way.

2 Answers

To create and exploded view create a new presentation. The tutorials on the Autodesk Help Wiki are a good place to start for the basics.

In inventor TWEEK option is used for exploding. But this will be available only in a presentation (ipn) file. Just like you create a new part or assembly you wil get another option like opening a presentation (ipn) file. Inside this presentation file you have to browse for the assembly file like you browse for a part model in assembly. When you try to open an assembly in a presentation you ll get a small window in which you can select ASSOCIATE checkbox. If you select this option it will automatically update your ipn file whenever you make changes in your assembly. In that presentation you will have the TWEEK option.