how to add a 3D printer in to solidworks?

solidwork ver: 2016
windows : 10

2 Answers

Hi taher,
First I would like to specify that I'm new to Solidworks, but I think still think that I can answer you. I'm guessing that you found "3d print" under File>3D Print. From there you can export a .stl and import it into a slicer.

But there is no built in SolidWorks slicer that I know of

You do not connect a 3D Printer with CAD tool.
3D Printers have Softwares of their own (known as slicer).

Your typical steps to 3D print a model would be as following:

1. Save the desired part in '.stl' Format
2. Import that in slicer Software and run a slicing session (which will give you time and material prediction) in order to print that part.
3. Print using the 3D printer