How to add M14 Bolts SolidWorks' Toolbox?

Adding M14 to any standart via MS Access

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Creating M14 Bolts via toolbox. You may add nuts with same way.

Answered with a tutorial:

Dear Tufal!
I have some issues with creating a new SWBrowser file. Is it actually possible? I'll explain:
In my working practice, I'm often use some self-clinching nuts, studs, etc. I've made their 3D model more than 5 years ago. They are working, but I want to make a library, with a new SWBrowser file. They are standard DIN but I want to make a new file, because SWBrowser is so huge and it's really hard for me to search every single ref. :) Also, I don't have a time for that!
Best regards,

I understand your point and may suggest you same thing what I'm doing.
Actually I don't want to use SW Toolbox anymore because It's hard to browse and navigate It needs sw premium, when i send a design to someone he can’t see toolbox file or see biggest sizes of toolbox files or some other issues that we always discuss in forums, so I quit using SW toolbox.
Instead of doing I'm started to building up a library that consist of part files which are produced by me then configured with an excel file.
You'll understand me if you have a look at the file I'd uploaded for you.
It’s a DIN933 bolt linked with an excel file.
You may add several size inside part over excel lines and may use multiple sizes over a single part file.
And if you plan make good plans for producing additional materials you will be have advantage of this.
For example I produced every bolt file along the y axis and mate my bolts to holes as concentric from origin point of bolt to face of hole and if I need to switch from DIN933 to DIN912 there won't be any misaligned mate or mate error.
Same thing exist for bolts washer pins or etc.
I hope I can explain the mentality behind my own toolbox
I'm aware of consumed time while producing part files with excel driven but I'll save much time when I'll finish my toolbox..
Kind regards.

hello, I'm involved exactly in the same situation. After the step3 when a M14 screw is being inserted I receive the following error: "no corrisponding thread data was found for the selected size". Can you help me to fix the problem?
thank you, Gianni

hello, actually I'm not sure why this error occurs. I'd made this modification on SW2010 may be your version is different. And double check that you modify same item for both steps 2 and 3.
I mean if you modify ISO_DATA_BS_HBOLT4017 then proceed ISO_DATA_BS_HBOLT4017_LENGTHS tables.

Thank you. Is this valid for any SW version? Mine is SW2014.

I do not have chance to check but, I know you can add from Toobox via Configure interface..
You need to browse the bolt that you want to add M14 or any dimension then you need to imput both size and lenghts for desired bolts. But this way is more time consuming..

Thanks for the quick reply! I understand you very well. :)
I forgot to mention in my previous post that I made the 3D models for every part separately, for example: M3x4, M3x6, M4x10, etc. Anyways, I'll making an excell file for my lib! Thank you!
Best regards!

P.S. When I make it - off course it will be for the GrabCADders as well! :)