How to build a linear motion (with linear actuator) in Creo?

how can i actuate a linear motion in proe such as moving a cylinder back and forth without rotary actuators

1 Answer

1. use mechanism connection "cylinder" or "slider"
2. go to mechanism application
3. highlight the arrow that represents the sliding connection, right click once so that only the straight arrow is highlighted, left-click and right click one second (untill a small menu appears)
4. In this menu, select "servo motor"
5.1: check the current position of the moving part of the assembly
5.2: select table to easily fill in the desired position at a certain time
5.3: fill in the position (magnitude) at time 0 and time 10 (seconds).
5.4: you can add more positions by adding rows
5.5: finish the servo-motor by pressing ok.
6. right click on "Analysis" in the Mechanism Tree and select "New"
7. Check the servomotor in the Motors tab, and press "Run".
Have fun.