How to convert an IGES or STEP file as an editable part file in PRO E ?

I want to edit a geometry but the IGES files after importing has no model tree. How to edit the geometry ?
Do i have to recreate the full model asm ?

1 Answer

Solutions could be multidimensional, depends on what you want or what’s the need of the hour at your end.
Sols 1:- Best is to recreate using original data, as the data is now more Parametric.
Soln2:- The Feature recognition Tools can be used (Cherry-picking each feature) and then modified using the dimensions.
Soln 3:- Use Edit Definition to modify the surfacing of Imported Geometry (Too time consuming and Skill demanding).
Soln 4:- Create Features to modify the actual shape. (Example to increase the Hole-Size create another hole feature using the axis of the original hole).
Hope this helps……