How to draw a 3D house in Auto Cad 2010 with rendering?

Can anyone help me to solve my question?

2 Answer

One way, my way 2008, ooooh those where the days. LoL.


1) Start with layout/floorplan. Thickness of wall, place of windows and outer doors is enough accurate.

2) Extract all outer walls, let's say 3000 mm

3) Substract the frame holes (windows and doors)

4) Draw profile of roof, extract it to length of the house + 1000 to get eaves. Move to middle.

5) Substract everything extra material away with temporary helper object.

6) Draw windows and doors 2D, extract. Move and xyz rotate to right places

7) Remember to use layers

8) For rendering, use commands: materials and assignmaterial

9) Set sun and sky properties. Or make some point lights as I did just for fun.

10) Render

I did this way 2008. There are plenty more ways to approach Your problem. That was my way at the time. You can see the result on my model brick house.

- Leo -

Have You check this? It's basics but hope something to use for modelling house.