How to draw this shape by solid works?

Please open the attached photo.

4 Answers

Curve - Spiral will create a 2D spiral, but it will be a perfect spiral.

The spiral you've provided am image of is not perfect, so the Spiral tool is not the best option here.
Better options are:
1. Define an equation that describes the spiral. Use that equation to form a equation driven curve.

2. Measure a series of X,Y points on your spiral. Use those points to form a Curve through points. More points generally means a closer match.

3. Manually sketch the "spiral" with a series of arc or splines. In the attached image I used two Style Splines to pretty accurately match the hand drawn shape. It could be done with a single spline, but it is easier with two (or more). Arcs are a valid option as well, but may be difficult to work with. Regular spline(s) would be a terrible choice. If you try this with splines, use Style Splines.

With the Helix/Spiral command.
First sketch a circle of appropriate size, then, Insert>Curve>Helix/Spiral

The spiral 'curve' can then be used as the path of a sweep feature if you're constructing a solid similar to the photo.

Regarding the solution by 張光磊

Attached is an image showing the original sketch, and the SW spiral. Some discrepancy may come down to image scaling, but the two spirals will never match.
It is an interesting method to convert a helix back into a spiral. Maybe by applying draft to the helix, a spiral with a closer match can be made?