How to make simulation of heat transfer in solid pipe by water flow i autodesk CFD

Like in the question, is anyone know how to do this ?

3 Answers

1. import the geometry.
2. check and edit the units.
3. assign material to pipe as well as to the flow volume.
4. assign required boundary conditions, such as, film coefficient; inlet temperature; pressure at outlet.
5. mesh the model.
6. go to solve option, give num of iterations you want to go for.
7. see the results by plotting iso-planes, and you can even visualize the flow character and path.
enjoy (y)

That's sound easy, but I' we been trying to make it that way and in some place I'm making something wrong. I don't know exactly what boundary conditions should I set up.

1. inlet volume flow rate
2. inlet temperature
3. film coefficient of pipe.