How to Model an Aircraft Vairable Pitch Propeller Blade

What i sthe best way to model it and then use it for further Analysis.
or Catia
which do u recommend to model and test

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as far as modelling is concern catia or pro e are better however for analysis ansys is recommended. ansys new version (ver 12 and higher) have also good modelling capabilities like othe CAD softwares. use the software you are comfortable with, it can exported to ansys for analysis.

Hello Sir I need catia tutorial in pdf format which consist each step of how to design variable pitch propeller for aircraft . Sir please send tutorial as soon as possible this will help me in my final year project.
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The best way in which I recommended to do your project is the next:
1. made the 3D model of propeller in CAD software which do you knows better; every distance denominated as variable with corresponding name in ANSYS (to see what name must to use in CAD and to be recognize as variable in ANSYS you must read on ANSYS Help or Internet, basically is just one shortcut);
2. On the same computer where you have installed CAD software you must have ANSYS installed (at last version 13, because from this version many bugs are fixed, and excel works very good, as other 4 programs necessary for optimization);
3. After you made this changes (from point 2), exporting direct your 3D CAD model into ANSYS using their shortcut icon from toolbar of CAD software. In this manner you will have both CAD and FEM model to your disposition, and with little support from documentation, you will see that how easy is to work interactive with both platforms.

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Nilesh do you want tutorial from me?