I have a gear rack and pinion design in igs format. i need to perform FEA for strength analysis of that design. cant find any tutorial about it. i would be glad if someone would be kind enough to show me the way or at least link for learning the way.

i need it ASAP,i hve already attach the file

3 Answers

The step for analysis should be as
0. Open the static structural in ansys workbench.
1. Create a connection between the teeth of rack and pinion. It may be frictional or frictionless contact.
2. Create a moment on the pinion gear and fix base of rack gear
3. Then add the results you want to display and solve
4. Make sure you mesh the setup finely and skewness should be near to 0 and orthogonal quality should be near to 1

I get your model. I few questions. The teeth of the rack ("pinion" in your assembly) are no the usual ones in this type of device. With an involute profile pinion like "1" Please pictures bellow

If you upload all parts in this assembly, I can analyze it for you