I have drawn jig for fork lifter in IPS unit and I found lifter fork at Grab CAD which has unit in MKS,So I have difficulties to assemble them together,So is there any solution for assembly of jig and lifter fork?

Assembly is possible without changing part dimensions?

1 Answer

Units don't matter.
If you were to mix imperial and metric parts in an assembly, they would still show at the correct size relative to each other.
1" = 25.4mm

The only thing that could/should go wrong is if someone designed a part using the wrong units. I.e if I meant to build a metric part, but used an inch part template. In that case you are kind of screwed. The "easiest" way to fix it is not really the "best" way, but a Scaling feature can be applied at the part level to increase or decrease the model size as needed.